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DiCAPac Action Kit DA-C2 with Clip, Armband, Strap for Note 5, iPhone 8+
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DiCAPac Action Kit DA-C2 with Clip, Armband, Strap for Note 5, iPhone 8+

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Brand: DiCAPac
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DiCAPac Action (Made in South Korea) DA-C2
Starter Kit (Action Clip, Armband & Neck Strap)
100% Waterproof Case
for Galaxy Note 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Galaxy edge,
Apple iPhone 6+, 7+, 8+, Up to 5.7 Inch Smart & Cell Phone

100% floating waterproof case

If you love capturing the moment, especially in the water, go get Dicapac waterproof cases for your smart devices. Its built-in airbag absorbs shock and makes it float on water. Dicapac waterproof case is made with non-toxic substance and its dual layer protects your device from scratches, drops and impacts. Protect your smartphone, tablet PC and camera from various threats at waterpark, swimming pool, beach and outdoor.

Are you ready to depart for an adventure? Capture every moment! You deserve to touch, talk and use your smartphone while safely protected from water and dust. Its polycarbonate lens allows you to take crystal clear photos. Quickly grab your waterproof, fogproof, dustproof, sandproof and snowproof Dicapac case for your smart devices.

Action Clip

Put the Action clip on your Dicapac Action case to attach on bags, clothes and belts.

T-shaped Polycarbonate lens window

Using polycarbonate, a common material for glasses, DiCAPac developed a highly scratch-resistant and reflection-absorptive T-shaped lens window for smartphones. Dicapac WP-C1A is designed to fit up to 5.1″ smartphones. Unlike TPVC lens, the highly transparent polycarbonate lens absorbs reflection from underwater light for clear photos.


Dicapac Action mount works on Dicapac sport-fit armband, bike mount, car & yacht mount and floating selfie stick for various activities.

Waterproof test certificate

DiCAPac has attained the highest grades, IPX8 and IP68, from the notoriously strict JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard). The test requirement was to be completely waterproof in the depth of 10 meters for half an hour.

NOTE: Mobile phone is for display purpose only and not included in the auction.

** Product Limited 01 Year Singapore Warranty **